Products and Services

Datamatic's goal is to be a leader in credit union software technology.  We are a successful, growing company dedicated to achieving superior results by ensuring that its actions are aligned with customer expectations. 

We take customer satisfaction personally: we are committed to providing superior value in our products and services on a continuing basis.

We believe in building mutually beneficial and enduring relationships with all of our customers and employees, based on conducting all business activities with integrity and respect.

Advanced Systems

Datamatic systems give you the reliability, control and automation you need to skillfully guide your Credit Union into the future.

Just a few of these features include:

Datamatic Systems provide your Credit Union with the ability to compete with other financial institutions in member services.

Research and Development

Datamatic's Research and Development Team is continually exploring the future needs of the Credit Union industry. Their goal is to incorporate future technological products with software development to provide the next generation of innovative services.

This Research and Development Process is constantly developing new products to ensure that your Credit Union stays ahead of the competition in providing financial services that your members demand.

Worry Free Conversions

Datamatic takes control of the conversion process.  Datamatic Provides your Credit Union with an experienced Conversion and Training Staff who successfully guides you through a smooth, well organized system transition.

From pre-conversion planning to post-conversion follow-up, a veteran Datamatic Site Manager directs and controls the coordination of all required events while communicating the current status on a continual basis.

Comprehensive Training

Datamatic's Training Process is a combination of hands on learning, self-paced video instruction and classroom review, followed-up with testing and student review sessions, as well as comprehensive progress reports to management.

The training classes are separated by job function providing precise instruction geared to the day to day responsibilities your employees need to perform.   Instruction not only teaches the use of the new computer system, but also attempts to suggest timesaving techniques that can be utilized with the system.

Knowledgeable Customer Service

Datamatic continually strives to provide exceptional Customer Service.   This is accomplished by only allowing veteran Conversion and Training representatives to work in the Customer Service Department.  This ensures that each representative has extensive hands on Credit Union experience.

We take customer satisfaction personally, and assist your staff with prompt attention to your needs.  Datamatic's Customer Service Staff is more than just efficient; we understand your desire for courteous representatives who are sensitive to your needs and who can provide you with accurate answers to questions.