General Ledger

General Ledger transactions are automatically generated and controlled during processing of deposit and loan accounts.  These transactions are posted to the general ledger system.  You may design your own chart of accounts.

The general ledger system features:

Management Reports

Enterprise's management reports provide vital information to aid management in the decision making process.

Included are:


Financial Report Writer

The Enterprise System includes tools to help you use your system more effectively.   Financial report writer provides a facility to design up to 999 financial reports for analysis of such items as current-to-prior year budget and actual-to-projected budget expenditures.

Utilizing report writer in conjunction with Enterprise's Query program lets you easily obtain membership statistics which can be used for detailed reports, demographic analysis, and graphic representation.  This powerful combination improves management analysis and report capability.

With the Enterprise System you can specifically select those reports that are most important to your credit union.

Datamatic wants to make your job easier.  By providing management with a full series of accurate easy to read reports, Datamatic puts management reporting into perspective for you with access to the critical information you need to more effectively manage your credit union operations.

Datamatic knows your time is important.  That's why we provide software packages that do the "leg work" for you.  Datamatic offers several solutions to assist the credit union with financial decisions.


Investment Tracking

Enterprise's investment tracking system enables the credit union to easily follow its resources.  Automatic tracking of maturity dates, income schedules and collected income are just a few of the benefits of this program.

With Enterprise's investment tracking package, your credit union can stay ahead of the game.


Financial Spreadsheets

The Enterprise System's financial spreadsheet package allows you to produce financial spreadsheets which assist in evaluating your "bottom line".

The system generates "what if" simulations for near, intermediate, and long term changes.

The short-term forecast method can be used to anticipate near term changes for investing and borrowing.

Intermediate forecasting figures assist with transitional periods so that the management team can select the best financial direction for the credit union to pursue.

Long term methods enable planners to anticipate and adjust strategies to accommodate changes in the financial marketplace.

Enterprise's financial spreadsheet program helps your credit union plan for tomorrow's opportunities today.


Fixed Assets

Enterprise's fixed assets program gives you the power to easily and accurately keep track of information regarding all of the credit union's fixed assets.  This information is kept on the Enterprise System and can be accessed without downloading the information to a PC.

The program gives you a thorough account of your fixed assets including: a detailed listing of purchases, the date of purchase, the vendor name and address, amount paid, write off schedule, monthly depreciation, residual value, current book value, remaining balance, and other valuable information.

Enterprise's fixed assets program makes your job easier.


Cross Selling Member Services

Membership marketing is easy with the Enterprise's versatile cross-selling system, a tool to help you selectively market financial services to target membership groups.

The power of database query capability and word processing software combine to give you a powerful membership marketing system.

Enterprise's Query program compiles member information into target market groups.   Member data is selected from the system and can be defined by any number of parameters.

Word processing software from the Enterprise System allows the credit union to generate form letters that merge with information derived from Query.  Using a laser printer, a professional, personalized marketing letter can be sent to selected members.

The combination of Query and word processing provides limitless possibilities for effective marketing programs.  Its easy-to-use format and expansive capabilities make cross-selling member services a simple, yet effective marketing activity.