Electronic Funds


Enterprise's ATM software program gives your members convenient 24-hour access to their accounts.  The Enterprise System gives you several ATM options.

The Enterprise System supports negative file, positive file, on-line and proprietary processing. The system allows participation in major ATM/EFT networks and supports several types of online ATMs that stay on-line during end-of-day and end-of-month processing.

Proprietary ATM service gives you control of the entire ATM process. Fees for network ATM service are eliminated.  The credit union can customize greeting and receipt messages, and maintain hot card and daily limit information.

On-line and proprietary ATM service provide real-time processing.  Transactions made by a member are automatically updated by the ATM and are routed to the credit union's in-house system.  Only transactions made on network ATMs are subject to the usual network transaction fees.

Enterprise ATM software provides descriptive statement details and selective service charges by account, all of which give you flexibility in your ATM operation.


Audio Response

Audio Response allows credit union members to conduct transactions via the telephone.   Members can transfer funds, request a check written from their account, or inquire about loans, draft clearings, and balances.

Our audio response system lets you customize messages by selecting pre-programmed words and phrases within the software.  Or you have the option of personalizing messages by recording them yourself.


Point of Sale

Point of Sale is an opportunity to provide advanced member services.  Members are offered the convenience of paying for purchases with a point of sale card instead of cash, checks, or credit cards.  The use of point of sale terminals is on the rise, so members will likely find several facilities in their community that offer this transaction method.  Point of sale transactions may be processed directly through the system, through major ATM/EFT networks, or through the Federal Reserve.


Credit Card Processing

Our in-house credit card program features the ability to automatically post payments, transfer funds, print statements and provide immediate information regarding available balance, payment history, or account history.

With the in-house credit card system, you have the ability to maintain and provide up to the minute account information to your members.  Credit card loans appear on member profiles so that questions regarding credit card balances can be answered with one simple inquiry.  The credit union oversees and controls every aspect of credit card processing.

Conventional systems sometimes allow only one terminal connection to an on-line credit card processor.  This restricts access to member credit card information and provides no access in the event of system "downtime".

Enterprise's credit card program puts you back in control.  Payments, statements, member information, and administrative decision-making are all handled in-house.