CDs and IRAs

Certificate of Deposit

The Enterprise System's certificate of deposit application offers real time control and update to the master file.  Member information, including additional certificates, can be interactively added, changed, or deleted as needed.

The CD program accrues interest on a daily basis, extends maturity dates on renewable certificates, pays interest when due, and credits payment in numerous ways.  Interest may be transferred to share or draft accounts.  At maturity, the certificate may be renewed with a different rate.  Early withdrawal penalties as prescribed by federal regulations are controlled by the Enterprise System.

Account Features

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Individual Retirement Accounts

Enterprise's individual retirement accounts program accommodates a variety of certificate of deposit and savings options as IRA accounts.  Account information and file maintenance procedures provide complete audit control. Current and prior year totals are maintained, and the system provides an over-contribution safeguard.  All reports satisfy governmental regulations.

Account Features:

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